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People from all walks of life receiving great value and savings from our services.
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The absolute best providers in the health care industry.
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Companies who care about the quality of health care their employees, insureds and their families receive.

Galaxy Health Network
Privacy Statement

  Our Mission
Galaxy Health Network is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service for our customers through a DIRECTLY CONTRACTED Managed Care Provider Network. Galaxy Health Network is also dedicated to establishing and maintaining meaningful, successful, and long-term relationships with our Members, Providers and Clients. We consider it a PARTNERSHIP.

Corporate Governance
The key to good corporate governance is simple: a company needs to have the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity. These things are central to the way that Galaxy Health Network conducts business. We aim not just to comply with applicable laws; we have a commitment to doing the right thing, because it is right. Adhering to this principle is critical to maintaining trust with our key stakeholders - our providers, clients, members, employees and partners - and therefore to growing our business in a sustainable manner.

Galaxy Health Network Quick Facts

  • Currently the Galaxy Health Network's Preferred Provider Organization includes a network of over 400,000 DIRECTLY CONTRACTED Physicians, Facilities and Hospitals.

  • Galaxy's number of covered lives is over 3.5 Million+ and is growing steadily.

  • Galaxy recruits, selects and contracts with Providers based on customized client needs and targeted geographic access demands.

  • Galaxy Providers are accredited according to URAC standards.

  • Galaxy does not employ the "gatekeeper" approach and does not penalize members for self-referral.

  • Galaxy provides clients with monthly management reports which detail valuable information in the management of medical costs.




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