Leading experts in medical cost containment with over three decades of experience...

What makes Galaxy Health Network stand-out from the rest?

  • Competitive Savings
  • Direct Contracts
  • Experienced professionals
  • Alternative Products and Services (Medical Savings Card; Point of Service discounts)
  • Flexible Technology to conduct business your way
  • Customized Contracting Information
  • Uncompromising attention to detail
  • We meet your deadlines
  • Provider relations department to answer your questions

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Galaxy Health Network
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About Galaxy Health Network

Leading Experts in Medical Cost Containment
Managed Care, Inc. was founded and began operations in November of 1993 through the purchase of the assets of AUGNET, a California-based Preferred Provider Organization with some 300 hospitals, 20,000 physicians and 100 ancillary providers.  In 1998, Managed Care, Inc. changed the name of its provider network to Galaxy Health Network. 

Today, Galaxy Health Network has grown its provider base to over 400,000 physicians, 2,700 hospitals and 47,000 ancillary providers – all directly contracted, and brings together Managed Care Professionals with over five decades of collective experience for the purpose of providing expert assistance and guidance in the containment of medical costs.

At the very core of its business, Galaxy Health Network does what it does best - Provider Network Management. By subjecting each of its providers to thorough screening, credentialing and re-credentialing processes coupled with random quality assurance and service questionnaires that are used to spot check for potential problems before they happen, Galaxy members are assured access to the highest quality provider network available today.  Additionally, Galaxy Health Network provides fee-for-service negotiations and acts as the monitoring, tracking, reporting and repricing agency for its clients

As a privately held company, not owned by insurance companies, TPAs or hospitals, Galaxy Health Network provides exceptional service with unsurpassed flexibility, customer support and professionalism

A Custom Approach
At Galaxy Health Network, we believe that Medical Cost Containment requires a custom approach suited to the needs of each of its clients individually - not a universal, one-size-fits-all-does-all method.  Unlike many companies who claim to have national networks that are actually a conglomeration of rental agreements, Galaxy believes that it can best serve the needs of its clients by providing direct access to providers in the required service areas.   As part of its core business Galaxy uses its network development expertise to provide access management for national and regional clients through customized provider recruitment initiatives in specific geographical areas where the clients’ needs are most evident.

Galaxy has developed an intricate repricing system called "Super Access" that provides client access to Galaxy Health Network's repricing services by various means suited to each client’s specific needs.  This state-of-the-art technology provides quick, accurate claims turn around and faster payments to the providers through:

  • Web-based 24X7 access by the client to Galaxy’s secure remote repricing system
  • HIPAA-compliant Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) claims repricing via secure Internet connectivity
  • Paper to EDI and EDI to paper claims conversion and repricing
  • Seamless data exchange with proprietary claims adjudication/processing systems
  • Customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for repricing and information retrieval with full fax-back capabilities
  • Customizable, non-branded Web-based Provider Search engine that can be linked directly from the client’s Website


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