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Capri Transcription offers cost-effective, convenient and secure medical transcription services to Galaxy providers at special pricing that is well below the market.  Capri provides all the necessary tools for the Physician to dictate, review, edit, and e-sign transcribed reports 24x7. EMR compatible reports are returned on-line using the latest HIPAA-Compliant security standards and data confidentiality.  For further information, contact Capri toll-free at (877) 992-2774 or by email at skoneru@caprits.com.
PMCS provides claims settlement services that are beneficial to
Providers, Patients and Payers. Through the combination of technology and advance payments, PMCS offers a powerful out-of-network cost containment solution for Third Party Administrators, Insurance Carriers and HMOs. To learn more about how PMCS's unprecedented levels of service will improve your organization, contact Preferred Medical Claim Solutions today!
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